About Us


About PREMIUM DESIGN (history)

PREMIUM DESIGN is successfully engaged in the production and installation of stretch ceilings. Since the beginning of operation, we have gained extensive experience and earned customer trust throughout Estonia and abroad.



2020 year

Future plans

We intend to extend dealer relationships, increase our production, improve the quality of products, purchase new exclusive materials, and expand the range of profiles by "KRAAB".


2019 year

We progressively develop our business, expand production capacities, improve the technique of installation of stretch ceilings, and improve the quality of our products.


2018 year


   We entered into contracts for the supply of profiles by Flaxy for stretch ceilings and significantly expanded the range of proposed profiles.


2017 year


   We renamed the company as "Premium Design" and established new partnership relations with construction companies in Estonia  and Finland .


2016 year


 We opened a representative office in the Gigant Mööbel mall, deployed new production and installation technologies, significantly  expanded the range of installation profiles, and purchased printers for the production of print art ceilings.

2015 year

We expanded our product range, started to deliver products to new countries, established partnerships in Ecuador  , Canada  , Indonesia  , and started training of employees of construction companies and interior decoration companies in stretch ceiling installation.

2014 year


   We opened a representative office in the Ülemiste keskus mall. The range of materials as wide as 500 cm was extended. We took part in construction exhibitions in Finland , Sweden  , Germany  , Austria  , France    United Kingdom  and started export deliveries to new European countries. New materials by MSD were included in our range..

2013 year

We purchased expensive production equipment for stretch ceilings, started our own production of stretch ceilings, entered into contracts with leading European manufacturers for the supply of materials and components. New materials by "PONGS TEXTIL" were included in our range.

2012 year

Business expansion

We opened a representative office in the Sikupilli keskus mall. The range of textures and colors of materials as wide as 320 cm was extended. We took part in construction exhibitions and established new partnership relations with design studios and construction companies.

2011 year

We started export sales to neighboring countries, namely Lithuania , Latvia  , Finland  , Sweden .

2010 year

We expanded our business and grew into new geographical markets throughout Estonia . New materials by RENOLIT, CTN, and MALPENSA were included in the range of products.

2009 year

Opening of a representative office
ZABIBOK opened its first stretch ceiling and lighting store at Peterburi tee 2C, Tallinn.

2008 year

Establishment of the company

The company started its activity under the trade name ZABIBOK.